Monday, February 20, 2012

IHSW Weekend Feb

Hello IHSWers, how was your weekend?

Mine was a bit of a fail on the Hermit and Stitch side of things. Packing takes more time and energy then one would think!! At the end of each day I've been so tired that I've hardly been able to look at my stitching! And this evening it got carefully packed away into a suitcase, not to see the light of day again until Thursday. Here's what I got done on Love Cats (sorry for the very very bad photo, best I could get with zero light and a husband who sold the iron last week) 

I was hoping to have the yellow shading finished and be well onto the blue. It was just not to be. . . oh well, every stitch is a good stitch. I did manage to do a bit of baking this evening, mainly because A Spoon full of Sugar posted a recipe this afternoon that exactly matched the baking ingredients left in our kitchen.

This is what happens when you're overzealous with your batter dollops. . .a pan of conjoined cookies. Still tasted yummy though! 

Chewy Chocolate Cookies. . it was like the best bit of a brownie in a cookie. mmmm

Next time you hear from me I will have left France behind for now. It's making me sad and happy together! I will miss some things, like the lack of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients in food here (seriously, I bought seasoned corn chips the other day and the ingredient list on the back of the packet was corn maize, water, salt, peper). On the other hand, I'm looking forward to people being able to understand me when I say my own name again. My husband has to introduce me here, because the French don't seem to understand the New Zealand accent pronounciation of Sarah and think my name is Siera!

Enjoy your week fellow stitchers,


P.S Don't you hate the new captcha? I think this post pretty much sums up my feelings about it. If you're still using it, why don't you think about disabling it? I did so about 8 months ago (I think, correct me if I'm wrong and it's still there) and haven't had a single spam comment in that time. Hateful comments are easily removed and you can moniter your comments before they go live.  


  1. You made nice progress. Remember each stitch completed is one less to do. Good luck with your move.

    I tried to go in and disable my captcha thingy too. Would you be willing to go check? I'm checking to make sure yours is now.

  2. Your Love Cats piece looks like it's coming along really well, and the cookies look yummy! Thanks for mentioning word verification. I have just changed the settings on my blog to disable it. Don't want to make it too hard for folks to leave comments.

  3. very sweet is looking so cute..
    yummy cookies :)
    hugs and love xx

  4. Those cookies look so amazing! :)

  5. The new captcha sucks.... I'm catching up on IHSW posts and I'm so happy that lots of ppl have disabled them. I'm with you on the spam catcher. Google does a good job on mine. :D

    Travel safe. Cookies look great, stitching looks better. :D


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