Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Cats Finished!

Hello all,

It's been a busy week for me – our trip back to the UK turned out far more eventful then planned when (and this is really the best travelling excuse I've ever heard) the station master lost the keys to his station at 5.30 in the morning and it took 3 hours for someone to drive the spares up to our small alpine town! Of course this meant we missed about our next three connections and had to spend the whole day arguing to get our tickets changed at every stop. All credit to DH here – he managed to keep his cool, argue for our tickets in what is his 3rd language and carry over 100kgs of luggage up numerous flights of stairs and broken escalators.

Fortunately since we got back we've been able to take a few days and just rest! Which has meant a finish for me – Love Cats 1. I made a couple of miniscule changes to the pattern and debated for ages with myself over whether to include the 'Love Cats' stitching in the corner, but in the end I love how it turned out. Hopefully my dear friend who it is going to thinks so too. 

'Love Cats 1,' by Bothy Threads. Finished 28/02/12. Completed with materials supplied in Kit.

It has now been carefully packed away until I can get it back to NZ and try and find a suitable frame. Which means I finally feel I can get started on CCN's April Showers. . . oh I have been waiting to start this pattern for so long now!

I hope you are all enjoying some sunnier weather. My in-laws garden is covered in snow drops, aren't they gorgeous? 

Enjoy your week stitchers. DH and I are heading away tomorrow to attend my sister-in-laws '5th' birthday party. Can you figure out how old she is actually turning?

That's all for now,



  1. woohoo! love cats looks wonderful. :) the back stitching really brought it to life!

  2. Your finish is gorgeous. Sorry your travelling was so eventful. Enjoy your 5th birthday party lol.

  3. How tall are snowdrops? I have some flowers that look like that but I never knew what they were.

    Congrats on an adorable finish!

  4. A leap year birthday perhaps lol....Snowdrops are quite small...highest is about 10-15 cms depending up on where they grow and how high they have to get to reach sunshine...they look very dainty but come out when it is the worse weather ever usually rofl...helpful Meari? Sorry your travelling was a pain..it really takes it out of you so enjoy the party and the cats look just amazing.

  5. Oh.... what a nightmare trip you had!!!! Glad that's all behind you now.

    The Cats look fantastic, congrats on the finish, and enjoy the b'day party!!! My colleague and I were just talking about that this morning... how do ppl born on the 29th celebrate on non leap years? LOL!

  6. Congrats on finishing Love Cats! I'm sure your friend will adore it :)
    Best wishes.

  7. hello

    Just stopping by your blog to admire your Love Cats finish. I love it - it's so colourful.

    The snowdrops are lovely too.

  8. The colours are so vibrant in this design, I love it.


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