Thursday, April 26, 2012

Late, I know! IHSW & TUSAL April

This weekend was international hermit and stitch for April! Unfortunately for my stitching time (but exciting for me) it was also my graduation . . . yes for some reason here we graduate 5 months after we finish. Here's my before and after photos, can you spot the difference? hehe



Not much difference at all! Although that's partly because I had to frog the F in flower between the before and after shots. If anyone's interested you can see a photo of me in my graduation gear outside my university here. I now have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History, Sociology and Anthropology.

Because I was away for the weekend I also missed the April TUSAL date. But here's my pic anyway, still no pretty jar.

Lots of pretty pastel colours in there from April Showers. Which I am determined to finish by the end of April so I can move onto other stuff! Speaking of which, do any of my UK followers subscribe to Cross Stitch Collection? Do any of you recognise this pattern and can tell me what size it is and approx how many colours? Unfortunately I don't know what issue it's from. Thanks!

That's all for now,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Stash and some Crochet

Hi everyone

It's weird how I have so much and yet so little going on at the moment! I'm still job hunting, but there are only so many applications I can write in a day and only so many jobs to apply for. So while I'm waiting for the right one to come along some days are busier than others and I find myself inventing projects to do that stay within my limited budget and keep me entertained!

Some crochet last week was one of them. You might remember the hat I crocheted for my expectant cousin a little while ago . . . this time I added a wee jacket to make it more of a set. Hopefully they fit new baby (due any day now)!

I already had the yarn for the project (it's amazing how far yarn stretches when it comes to baby clothes) so the total cost of the project was 4 hours of my time! The pattern is available free here.

Despite the limited budget I did some stash enhancement recently. There was a bulk lot of brand new Lizzie Kate patterns that came up for sale on TradeMe (the NZ equivelent of the bay of evil) that I just couldn't resist. .  it's hard to get American designers in NZ, plus the patterns were at an INSANELY good price. Here are four of the six I picked up

Spring Button-up, Winter Button-up, Flowers of Tomorrow & Buzz on Inn

Why am I only showing you four of the six? Because two have been stashed away for a thank-you followers giveaway. Yes it is coming, I promise!

I'm off to take some apple muffins out of the oven and finish spray-painting a wooden chair for our spare room. Wishing you all a happy and productive week. . .  speaking of which, remember it's the IHSW for April this weekend. I'll definitely be joining in, because I'm determined to finish April Showers by the end of April!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Showers + Quilting questions

Todays title is literal and stitching related. . .  it's April, it's showering. . . . and I was going to show you my progress on Country Cottage Needlwork's April Showers! Which is honestly not very much, because I haven't been doing a lot of stitching lately. The mojo came back last night with a vengence though so hopefully the needle will be flying soon.

In other news we had an absolutely gorgeous weekend in Lake Tekapo. . that place is seriously one of my favourite places on earth. Easter weather in NZ can be beautiful or horrible. It chose to be beautiful, which was nice. Here's a couple of photos. . .

I have lots of other stuff going on to share but I think some of that can wait until future posts. What I really want to do is ask my quilty followers some questions. One of my New Years Resolutions was to make a quilt and the dark gray couch in our white and blue lounge is really starting to annoy me.

So quilty friends . . . does anyone know of a website or blog that has a good learn-how-to-make-a-quilt series? Because my knowledge is not large. At all. Does this look like a good beginner pattern? It looks pretty easy but who knows!
Does anyone know of a fabric line that has lots of light-mid blue hues? I'd kinda like to do above pattern with white and blue to go with out lounge but I'm struggling to find a line that looks right. . . or even has mostly blue for that matter.

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

That's all for now,


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kindley Orts

Random title eh, but it does what it says on the box. Firstly, here are my very very very late March orts! Joining in, as always, with the TUSAL.

No pretty jar at the moment, my lovely canning jar was far to heavy and bulky to bring back from France! A replacement will have to be found.

I got a kindle as a late Christmas present from my parents just before we flew back to NZ. It took me a long time to convert to e-reading, and I have to admit I still haven't given up on normal books. But. . .  it is useful for our current lifestyle. There is such a difference between taking a 200 gram kindle in your carry-on luggage for long haul flights than taking at least 3 large books (I read fast, I got through 4 and a half books during my last long haul) with a combined weight of at least 1.5kg!

Ever since I got the dear object though I've been slightly afraid of dropping it somehow or it just slipping out of my hands. Solution. . . a cover, made by me, using this excellent tutorial.

This is the front. . .

And this is the inside, with all of its elastic straps and pocketed glory . . .

I love it. I think it's one of my favourite sewen objects that I've made myself. It's ultra-sturdy, practical and I don't feel like my kindle is going to go hitting the floor constantly anymore. Plus with the cover it feels kinda (kinda) like I'm reading an actual book

Back soon with crochet and stitching and stuff. Hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend and remember the true reason for the celebration, beyond all the chocolatey goodness. I'm heading away with hubby this evening to join the rest of my family in beautiful Lake Tekapo.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm back, and properly this time!

Hello peeps! 

I'm back properly this time, we have internet up and running in our new home! It actually took less than a week for them to flick the right switch, but we had to wait another week for our router to arrive. So how are you all? I've been browsing through your blogs, but please forgive me for not commenting because their were literally hundreds of posts from the time I've been away.

There hasn't been that much stitching or crafting going on in the last few weeks. It's been more unpacking boxes, settling in, applying for jobs (no luck yet) and enjoying the sunshine! After two straight winters for me and seven for hubby, we're both soaking up the end of summer. Here's some photos I took today in our garden.

I did get in just a little stitching this week though. . . so I had a happy dance this morning as I finished the cutie below. It really just suited my mood at the moment, as hubby and I build our first home together.

Home Sweet Home, by Joan Elliot for World of Cross Stitching Magazine Issue 188.
Stitched with thread provided in kit on 28ct Antique White misc evenweave.

I replaced the aida that came with the kit with some scrap linen from my stash and also substituted the kitted frame for one in my stash that was smaller and a little sturdier! You don't want to see the back of this piece. . it's just over an inch across and had over 15 colours! 

That's it for now, I will be back soon with more catching up stuff (including my long overdue ORT report and IHSW!). I hope you'll all forgive me for my absence. I can't wait to catch up with you all. 

Happy Stitching, 


p.s I've noticed recently that the font I've been using has been running words together once I've published, has anyone else noticed this? Please bear with me and unexpected font changes while I try and figure that one out!