Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm back, and properly this time!

Hello peeps! 

I'm back properly this time, we have internet up and running in our new home! It actually took less than a week for them to flick the right switch, but we had to wait another week for our router to arrive. So how are you all? I've been browsing through your blogs, but please forgive me for not commenting because their were literally hundreds of posts from the time I've been away.

There hasn't been that much stitching or crafting going on in the last few weeks. It's been more unpacking boxes, settling in, applying for jobs (no luck yet) and enjoying the sunshine! After two straight winters for me and seven for hubby, we're both soaking up the end of summer. Here's some photos I took today in our garden.

I did get in just a little stitching this week though. . . so I had a happy dance this morning as I finished the cutie below. It really just suited my mood at the moment, as hubby and I build our first home together.

Home Sweet Home, by Joan Elliot for World of Cross Stitching Magazine Issue 188.
Stitched with thread provided in kit on 28ct Antique White misc evenweave.

I replaced the aida that came with the kit with some scrap linen from my stash and also substituted the kitted frame for one in my stash that was smaller and a little sturdier! You don't want to see the back of this piece. . it's just over an inch across and had over 15 colours! 

That's it for now, I will be back soon with more catching up stuff (including my long overdue ORT report and IHSW!). I hope you'll all forgive me for my absence. I can't wait to catch up with you all. 

Happy Stitching, 


p.s I've noticed recently that the font I've been using has been running words together once I've published, has anyone else noticed this? Please bear with me and unexpected font changes while I try and figure that one out!  


  1. Looking good! It's always nice to have a break. Such little stitches, how very cute!

  2. A gorgeous little finish. Hope you and your husband will be very happy in your new home.

  3. What a cute little design! Glad you finally have the internet. It is so frustrating not having it these days. I don't envy you with the unpacking - good luck with that! What a beautiful rose!

  4. cute design! I am glad you are back. :)

  5. It's so nice to read a post from you Sarah, I'm glad to hear you're getting settled. That's the perfect first finish in your new home, what a beauty.
    Best wishes.

  6. Glad you both are settling down. Love the little house - nice start to your stitching in your new home. X

  7. Glad you are back and able to blog regularly! Love your new header!

  8. Welcome back Sarah. Love your sweet finish.

  9. Love the new green background. Glad your net is up and running. :D

    Gorgeous pics from your garden and what a cute finish!! Where will you be hanging it? :)

    Font looks ok to me....


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