Thursday, April 26, 2012

Late, I know! IHSW & TUSAL April

This weekend was international hermit and stitch for April! Unfortunately for my stitching time (but exciting for me) it was also my graduation . . . yes for some reason here we graduate 5 months after we finish. Here's my before and after photos, can you spot the difference? hehe



Not much difference at all! Although that's partly because I had to frog the F in flower between the before and after shots. If anyone's interested you can see a photo of me in my graduation gear outside my university here. I now have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History, Sociology and Anthropology.

Because I was away for the weekend I also missed the April TUSAL date. But here's my pic anyway, still no pretty jar.

Lots of pretty pastel colours in there from April Showers. Which I am determined to finish by the end of April so I can move onto other stuff! Speaking of which, do any of my UK followers subscribe to Cross Stitch Collection? Do any of you recognise this pattern and can tell me what size it is and approx how many colours? Unfortunately I don't know what issue it's from. Thanks!

That's all for now,



  1. Congrats on graduating!! What an achievement!!! Lovely progress on your April Showers!!

  2. Congrats on graduating - great picture. Lovely progress on your April Showers. Your orts look lovely.

  3. Congrats on your graduation. I just graduated myself :) So rewarding! Love the progress on your WIP, something is better than nothing I think!

  4. April Showers is super cute! Happy graduation!!

  5. well i can see what you did i am suprised you got any stitching done, happy Graduation

  6. Congratulations on your graduation. Going through the ceremony afterwards is way better than doing it first and still have 3 more weeks of school left (like I did!), LOL.

    I had to look hard to see what you stitched, lol. It looks good, though.

  7. Congratulation on your graduation! You look fab in the picture :)
    April Showers is looking great, every stitch counts. We've certainly been having plenty of April showers here in Winchester, but the sun has decided to come out today - hurrah!
    Best wishes.


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