Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Stash and some Crochet

Hi everyone

It's weird how I have so much and yet so little going on at the moment! I'm still job hunting, but there are only so many applications I can write in a day and only so many jobs to apply for. So while I'm waiting for the right one to come along some days are busier than others and I find myself inventing projects to do that stay within my limited budget and keep me entertained!

Some crochet last week was one of them. You might remember the hat I crocheted for my expectant cousin a little while ago . . . this time I added a wee jacket to make it more of a set. Hopefully they fit new baby (due any day now)!

I already had the yarn for the project (it's amazing how far yarn stretches when it comes to baby clothes) so the total cost of the project was 4 hours of my time! The pattern is available free here.

Despite the limited budget I did some stash enhancement recently. There was a bulk lot of brand new Lizzie Kate patterns that came up for sale on TradeMe (the NZ equivelent of the bay of evil) that I just couldn't resist. .  it's hard to get American designers in NZ, plus the patterns were at an INSANELY good price. Here are four of the six I picked up

Spring Button-up, Winter Button-up, Flowers of Tomorrow & Buzz on Inn

Why am I only showing you four of the six? Because two have been stashed away for a thank-you followers giveaway. Yes it is coming, I promise!

I'm off to take some apple muffins out of the oven and finish spray-painting a wooden chair for our spare room. Wishing you all a happy and productive week. . .  speaking of which, remember it's the IHSW for April this weekend. I'll definitely be joining in, because I'm determined to finish April Showers by the end of April!



  1. Your crochet looks lovely. Great new stash.

  2. Your crochet set is beautiful!

    Lovely new stash, L*K's are also pretty.

    Good luck with your job hunting.

  3. I love the crochet jacket and hat. So adorable! What a perfect gift!

    Congrats on the new bit of stash :) I say congrats because it feel soooo good to receive it in the mail - doesn't it?!

    Good Luck with the job hunt!

  4. I adore the little jacket and hat. So sweet.

    Lovely new stash. It's always good to get new stash:)

  5. The hat and jacket are darling, Sarah!!!!!


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