Friday, May 11, 2012

Rainy Days

The last couple of days have been grey and miserable here and I haven't got the threads to start on my new cross stitch project yet, so I've pulled out a UFO to do some knitting.

It's a nice pattern, ribbed with a cable centre, but I'm not the fastest knitter in the world, so these things take time. Still, there's just something about rainy days and knitting that go together, don't you think? If it keeps going on like this, it might be finished and ready for blocking before long. Only a year and a half after I meant to have it done . . . 

Enjoy your weekend friends,


(photo taken with the RetroCamera app for android, I haven't fallen into instagram)


  1. Looks great. I can't knit for toffee although I do try occasionally.

  2. I haven't had much luck with knitting so far, your's looks great! I love to cross stitch when the rain is pouring though, it feels very cosy :)
    Best wishes.

  3. Hello

    Your knitting looks lovely, just right for a rainy day.
    Lovely April Showers finish in your previous post.


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