Friday, June 8, 2012

An update on Iris

There hasn't been too much stitching lately, I've been rushing around getting things ready for going into work full time. Wedding prep has gone into overdrive! But these last couple of days I've slowed down a little just to enjoy my last days 'off' as such and Iris has gotten some work.

It's starting to look a bit more like a flower now that the outline of the base is in, though it looks a bit lopsided without page 2 (to the left)! I'm enjoying it, the purples are lovely and when I get momentarily sick of them I just swap to one of the middle colours for a while.

Have a happy stitchy weekend friends,


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  1. Iris is looking great! Looks like you've got a lot done!

  2. This is looking great! I always head to my stitching when I want to unwind.
    Best wishes.

  3. Oh I love the orange in the middle. And I'm glad you linked up with Katie! :)

  4. Gorgeous! I just love it... the last of my irises are in bloom right now

  5. Looks gorgeous. I have this to do one day. Love seeing your progress.

  6. That's going to be just lovely, that pop of orange is great!
    Thanks for linking up to The Handmade Parade!


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