Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm still here :)

Hello friends!

I am still here, I promise. Work has been good, but busy. I started at the second library I will be working in this week and from now on will spend half the week in each. I've also been trying to sort out my enrolment in the librarianship course I will be doing part time. So there has not been very much crafting of any type going on! I have done a little bit of work on my quilt top, and no cross stitch at all! Here's my progressing quilt top - I haven't spread it out though, because our floor needs vacumming and I don't want it to get dirty!

We have also had two visitors this weekend. My dear friend Becky is with us for a week from Australia and another dear friend of hers, myself and DH came down for the weekend from the North Island to catch up. So things really have been busy! Becky has brought her cross stitch with her though and it is inspiring me to pick mine up again. I might start something new though, because I think the Iris is just a bit to complicated for my current frame of mind :)

Here's my very late June TUSAL while I'm here. Lots of purples on the top from Iris.

That's all for now,


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  1. Wow a busy and crazy time for you, settling into a new work location and trying to sort out your schooling1

    the colours look lovely in your quilt top!


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