Monday, July 16, 2012

So what's going on?


How is everyone? Things are still rather busy around here, and to top it all off I've had the flu! But I'm still stumbling along. I'm loving my job and started part time study this week towards my postgraduate diploma in Information and Library studies. Wedding planning is ticking along too! My dress has arrived (it was being made overseas) and hopefully I should have the fitting this weekend.

Be assured, the craftiness has not stopped either (it has slowed, but not as much as blogging). Iris is still coming along. I need to get a move on though, because the walls in Mum's newly refitted spare room are looking rather empty.

In a fit of exasperation with Iris last week I've also made a new start, Lizzie Kate's 'A Good Marriage,' which is based on a poem that was and will be read at our wedding ceremonies and means a lot to both of us.

It looks a bit nonsensical at the moment! My quilt top is still coming along too, although I haven't had much time for it recently (for me stitching is easier to pick up and put down than sewing). Everything else is going to be put on hold this week though so I can make some pew bows! I have the material, but haven't made anything like them before, so hopefully it works out well. Wish me luck :)



  1. Iris is looking gorgeous! I'm sure your mom will love it. You have been really busy! How many months (weeks?) until the big day?

  2. Good luck with the pew bows - how many have you got to do? Don't push yourself too hard - or that flu will take longer to get over than normal. Hope the dress looks as good as you hope. X

  3. Both projects are looking gorgeous.

  4. Lovely projects. They are coming on nicely. The colours in iris look beautiful - really vibrant.


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