Friday, September 14, 2012

Insanely Proud :)

I finished my first quilt top! Yes I did! It is in no way perfect. In fact it's completely inperfect. You can really tell that I don't yet have a rotary cutter and than my best measuring tool is a tape measure (good thing it was mostly charm squares, so limited cutting). Some of my points are 100% spot on and some of them are woefully off. But I love it!

The thing is . . . what on earth do I do next? I presume I need to finding a backing fabric and some batting and join it all together. Does anyone want to point me in the right direction as to how to do that? Another question for my quilty followers: Can I quilt this on my normal sewing machine? It's not a big quilt, lap sized, and according to the instruction manual I can get a walking foot for my machine (a modern Bernina). But advice I've received from others is that this isn't possible/practical and I should hand-quilt it or send it to a long arm quilter. I just want to quilt straight lines (but not in the ditch). Help?!

In other news I'm taking part in the IHSW for the first time in months! (wedding tended to get in the way). Here's my very wrinkled before shot - I'm hoping to put in some good needle time on LK's 'A Good Marriage' over the weekend.

Good luck to everyone else joining in!



  1. Ring me 332 9242 and we can sort it xoxox

  2. very sweet quilt ans lovely stitching..
    love for you x

  3. Congrats on your quilting finish! It look marvellous! I would really like to get into quilting eventually but am a tad nervous around a sewing machine... mostly because I find them confusing and hard to control.

    Have a great stitchy weekend dear!


  4. Your quilt is gorgeous, I love the colours.


  5. Your points look good to me! I have never pieced anything where 100 percent of my points were perfect, but I am getting better as I go along. If you Google "quilting the quilt," you should get a lot of info, some free and some not. Congrats on piecing your first quilt top, and good luck with the quilting. I have to admit that if I piece anything that's bigger than 3 feet by 3 feet, I send the piece to a long-arm quilter!

  6. Quilt looks great to me! :D

    Happy Hermitting!!

  7. It looks gorgeous! Well done! No, you don't have to send it to a long-armed quilter! Of course you can do it yourself, people quilt bed sized quilts on ordinarly sewing machines. I've only done a baby sized myself but it was easy enough.

    There's loads of advice on quilting on the internet, but I think your friend at the top will help. She probably shouldn't publish her phone number on the internet though...

  8. Yay! it looks wonderful. ;) Also this weekend is hermit weekend? oh my this will be my first! :D normally work weekends, so this is a surprise to me that my time off is now! YAY.

  9. AHHH it looks great!
    Yes you will need batting and backing, although if you have an old wool blanket you can always recycle that, and you can use a sheet for the back so you won't have to piece anything else if you don't want to.
    And you can totally quilt it yourself! In fact, I encourage you to! Especially if you want to do straight lines. You will need a big enough space to set your machine on that the quilt will be supported and not drag as you're quilting or else you lines will be crooked. You can choose randomly spaced lines or you can mark your lines...painter's tape/Scotch tape/etc is really good for laying out to mark quilting lines without marking your quilt. Just peel the tape off when you're done.
    You'll also need about 1/2 yard of fabric for binding after you finish the quilting. You will need either pins or basting spray to keep all the layers together when you quilt.
    Feel free to email me if you have specific questions!
    I'm so excited for you :)

  10. backing for sure, and batting for the middle - I recommend cotton vs polyester (its too bulky and will gum up in your machine) -- once the backing is pieces, make it a bit bigger than the top, tape it to the floors making sure its pulled tight (right side down, you should be looking at the wrong side) - then add batting and the top, pin in place - Pin every, 2 inches or so... then, quilt away! If its your first time, I recommend straight line quilting :)

    cant wait to see how it comes outt!!!

  11. Sarah you can so finish it off yourself - I did it on my Flower Fairy quilt on my blog - okay it was stitch in the ditch, but that was on my Bernina 630. When you've got the layers together ( as Jennifer posted above), the make sure you pin it to death! That way it doesn't move the fabrics around as you stitch. I had a local friend who advised me which way to stitch it but basically, for straight lines, she told me to do one from top to bottom, then follow it with bottom to top - otherwise the fabric might shift and be out of line by the time you get to the edge.
    You could also use a fleece blanket as a backing if you have one handy?
    However you do it - it will look lovely, GO FOR IT GIRL!


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