Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekendy Things

Hubby and I are having our first properly relaxed weekend since long before the wedding. Last weekend was our first with no guests, but I spent the weekend catching up on cleaning the house and an assignment for my Librarian study, while hubby was preparing for his chartered engineer dissertation presentation. Now everything of that type is finished and we have been spending the weekend doing the things we like best!

I've been working on my quilt. The top is soooo almost finished now, but I need to pick up some more white fabric before I can do the last two strips.

We've also been reading, eating yummy food and sleeping! I'm about to settle down to watch mythbusters and start writing a few of these for the wedding.

The weather here is starting to turn towards spring and summer. This week we had our first true Nor'wester for months. That is a unique wind that blows through the plains where I live. It is a hot wind and creates strange effects in the sky. It is very beautiful and makes it pleasantly warm, but it can also have a strange effect on people's moods and feelings! Today is not as nice, you can see the sea raging outside, but it is still surprisingly warm.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend too!


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