Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas is that close?!?

It's ok really, I hadn't actually forgotten. In fact I just finished a Christmasy project (no Joysze it really wasn't boxers!). It's hubby's first Christmas in New Zealand with my family, so just so he matches the rest of us I thought I better make him a stocking.

I think we did quite well picking Christmassy but not to unmanly fabrics! Aren't those deer cute?

Not much stitching going on at the moment. . . I need that to change quick smart though so I can get some Christmas stitching done. Luckily it's IHSW October and a long weekend for us this weekend, so fingers crossed for some work on Iris (and maybe a new start). In other crafty news I just started a dressmaking course, so at the end of the next 7 weeks I should have a beautiful dress (fingers crossed on that one too).

That's all for now!



  1. That fabric is brilliant, my son wants a christmas shirt and that fabric would be perfect, must get searching!


  2. A lovely stocking for your husband. The fabric is lovely.

  3. Love the fabric. I cracked up when you said it wasn't unmanly fabric, and then added how cute they looked. :D

  4. Love the stocking for your husband. The fabric is gorgeous.

  5. OH!!! It's a stocking!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cute stocking. :D


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