Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm back. . .and away again!

Hello friends!

It feels like such a long time since I've posted. Almost as soon as we got back in the country and just about over jetlag, I got hit by a chest infection I must have picked up on the plane. The type that just makes you want to crawl into bed and do nothing. Unfortunately that didn't happen, because we had to find a house, I've been job hunting and all the sort of thing that has to get done when you land somewhere new! So stitching reallllyyy took a back seat. In the last two weeks I've stitched three words on April Showers and that's it. So instead I'll show you the contents of the yummy parcels that were waiting for me at mum and dads when I got back!

This Lizzie Kate kit was from Julie because I won a wee competition on her blog. Isn't it lovely? I love Lizzie Kate's winter designs. 

I won this pattern back in December during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway days! I'll have to find some lovely fabric for it, because it looks like a great pattern. 

These three are from the wonderful Joyce, who was having a clean out of patterns she wouldn't stitch. My mum took one look at these and told me she'd LOVE to have them on her wall . . . so expect to see me stitching them soon!!! 

Finally, I won these earings from Sly Fox Jewelry just after Christmas (last of the Christmas designs). Even though it's long past Christmas I've been wearing them constantly just because they feel so nice to wear! If you're from the Christchurch area you should definitely check out this indie designer, she makes such lovely stuff.

So there you go, wasn't I a lucky thing?!

Unfortunately this is probably going to be the last time your going to hear from me for a wee while again. We move properly this afternoon. Our new house in our new town hasn't had an active phone line for a very long time so they have to do some work before we can have internet. They've estimated about 10 days, so we'll see! I'll be hermiting this weekend with the rest of you, but it might be a while before you see the results. It's worth it though, our new home is gorgeous. I'll leave you with a photo taken standing in our new lounge, looking out over the pacific ocean. 


That's all for now,


Monday, March 12, 2012

Still Alive

Just a quick note to let you all know that I'm still alive - unfortunately I seem to have caught something on the plane and haven't felt like doing anything lately. BUT I've had to do things! We've been finding ourselves someplace to live etc. All has been going well, but it means when I'm at home I'm too tired to stitch. . .  hope to be back soon.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am back in the land of the Kiwi, though my head is feeling a bit fuzzy with jetlag!! So instead of delighting you all with a garbled mess of words, here's just a few quick pics from before we left the UK. 

I finally got to open my other birthday present from hubby – this book really is delightful, I can't wait until we get more settled and I can drag my sewing machine out to have a play. 


I also got to open my parcel from Jane, which I won in her Valentines day giveaway almost a month ago. Just look at all the goodies! There are trims galore, a pattern, fabric and evenweave, beads, threads and all sorts. She had wrapped everything so nicely too. I'm especially in love with the 'sew' pillow she made. The photo really doesn't show off how gorgeous it is and I will be displaying it proudly!

Finally, here's my new start, the long awaited CCN April Showers. Not much done so far, but I'm loving it already.

Back soon, when I don't feel a bit dizzy most of the day,