Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Easter Break

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a chance to reflect on what the holiday means to them :) Hubby and I took off for a few days to the Catlins, a fairly unpopulated region at the very south of New Zealand, and Dunedin, a city I haven't visited in years. Both were on husband's New Zealand bucket list of areas he hadn't seen before. Here's some of the wonderful scenery we took in

Slope Point, the southernmost part of the South Island of NZ

This is how the trees grow in the Catlins, it's so windy!
The Jurrasic period fossilised forest at Curio Bay
Cathedral Cave
McLean Falls
Dunedin's historic railway station

As you can see, I had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great pics! Super jealous :) thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful area - even if the trees have to learn to live with the wind!

  3. Such a beautiful place, I love the waterfall :)
    Best wishes.


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