Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today is ANZAC Day. It is what we celebrate instead of Remembrance Day or Armistice Day. It is a day to think about those who gave their lives so that we could have the world we live in today. Those who fought to defend their country. We celebrate it on this day because of the battle of Gallipoli, which was the first major campaign fought by New Zealand and Australian forces during World War I. We were both, in the modern sense at least, very young contries and we lost a lot during that battle.

ANZAC Day means more to me as I get older I think. As a student of modern history, you realise that a lot of war is pointless. But some battles are worth fighting. What the world would be like now had WWII gone a different way is something that horrifies me to think about. Those men (and women) truly did serve and die to protect what we have now and I am grateful that thanks to them I have the life I do.

Today the New Zealand armed forces are a peacekeeping force. We tend to be there to clean up the mess, rather than fight the wars. But our people still occasionally don't come home. Today, I will remember all of them, the ones that come home and the ones that didn't, and thank God for them and what they gave for us.

Least we forget.

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