Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sick Days

It was obvious this morning that I wouldn't be going to work today . . . I'm sick :(

It's funny how my immediate reaction to calling in sick was thinking 'yay, I have a day at home. I can catch up on everything! I'm going to do the ironing, write some of my essay, finish my book . . . '

Of course, I'd forgotten that as an adult, when you're sick enough not to go to work, it means you're too sick to do anything else either. The most I've managed to do today is catch up on the sleep I missed last night, and a little crochet with episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee. . . I think I needed that a whole lot more than I needed to do the ironing!


  1. Get well soon dear..
    Big hugs x

  2. Hope you feel better soon, hope you are enjoying the Sewing Bee!


  3. Hope you feel better after your sickie day? We all need a day to recover from life sometimes, even if you're feeling great! Take care. X


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