Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cross Stitching: Chats sont gris

This one was just a quick stitch, an additional mother's day present for my mum. I'm hoping to find a frame for it soonish. It's a sweet pattern, though I think the sentiment is a little random (the French on the left translates as 'all cats are grey in the dark'

Pattern: 'La nuit, tous les chats sont gris' from Sweet Home: Petites maisons a broder au point de croix
Threads: DMC 4045
Time: April-May 2013

These photos aren't the best really. The weather has been awful for the past few weeks. That's why it's been quiet around here this week. Plenty to share, no light to take pictures in! Hopefully I can get a better photo once it's framed!


  1. Such a lovely piece, I love the thread colour you chose to stitch it in. Weather hasn't been the best my way either, staying dry, but very overcast. Perfect weather for cosy stitching! If only I didn't have to go out to work :P
    Best wishes.

  2. Here's the rather risqué meaning for that proverb.
    Maybe you shouldn't tell Mum about it!

    It is a very beautiful design anyway and I'm sure she liked it very much.

  3. Looks so pretty, love the thread colour.


  4. Its lovely actually I it translates to at night all cats are grey


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