Friday, June 14, 2013

Beating the Cold


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's still very chilly around here. So I am making some efforts to beat the cold. Starting with a hot water bottle cover, so that my bottle stops loosing its heat approximately 5 minutes after I get into bed (after I've burnt my toes of course).

I don't know why this photo is blurry. I swear it wasn't a second ago

To be honest, this project wasn't the quick fix I was looking for. It took me two whole evenings! I think I went too fancy, it being lined and with an envelope close at the back so I can swap the bottle if need be (I know lots of people who have ones where the bottles stuck in there permanently). But it's pretty. And it does its job wonderfully. So I'm happy and even contemplating trying again some time with a slightly different design.

The details: Random assorted charms (for the second time this week I'm using bits I got in a giveaway from Rebecca, which goes to show how long things take to rise to the top of my stash because that giveaway was a hideously long time ago), with some leftover brown quilting cotton. Lined with leftover grey cotton from a dress lining. Bound with some pre-made grey bias.

So now I'm toasty warm at night anyway! I think some wrist warmers are next on the warmth seeking agenda, if I can track down some double pointed needles and bribe my mum into teaching me how to do a thumb gusset. 



  1. A lovely cover for your hot water bottle.

  2. Wow this is so pretty! I love my hot water bottle, it's got a fluffy cover that is perfect for cuddling up to on winter nights :)
    Best wishes.

  3. Found you via the Matariki Linky! I like your hottie alot!

  4. Ooh what a great hottie cover! Love the fabrics and the quilting.
    Thanks for linking in.


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