Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: Freeze and Easy

Freeze & Easy 

Sara Lewis (2013). 

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Disclaimer: I recieved an e-galley of this title thanks to Anova Books. All opinions are my own and I was not obligated to share a review.

I work full time at a job that requires an hour commute and study part time. Hubby works 60-80 hour weeks in a high pressure job. We're therefore always looking for ways to cut down on our cooking time, while still maintaining healthy eating habits. It's far to easy to revert to food that's full of sugar and salt because you don't have the time to make anything better on a Tuesday night when you've just got home at 6.30pm and you have an audio conference to attend in an hours. I love my crockpot. And I'm learning to love my freezer (though I'm constantly wishing for a bigger one).

This is where Freeze & Easy comes in. Sara Lewis combines practical advice on utilising your freezer to cut down on cooking. The first part of the book is small, informative sections like 'how to use your freezer efficiently' (useful stuff like the optimal temperatures) and 'money saving freezer tips' (like freezing slices of lemon within iceblocks, which is possibly the most fantastic idea ever and will stop me from having half a lemon perpetually going mouldy in my fridge). The second and larger section is devoted to freezer friendly recipes, divided by food type (meat, veggies etc). Each recipe has instructions for freezing, thawing and serving. Many also have suggestions for variations and batch cooking. So practical!

For the most part I really enjoyed the recipes - they are of a high standard, some are even dinner party friendly and there's lots of variation. My one small criticism is that some (by no means all) have either an excessive amount of ingredients or very expensive ones, which seems at odds with the general purpose of freeze cooking - to be time and cost efficient.  For example, a recipe for pork tortillas has 19 ingredients.

Overall, Freeze & Easy is a great addition to any time-pressed cook's resources. Like me, you'll soon be wishing you had a bigger freezer.

4/5 stars

Freeze & Easy is available now.


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