Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dressmaking: Winter Blues

We're right into the depths of winter here now. I'm struggling to get the washing done and dry (in New Zealand we don't seem to believe in dryers). It feels to cold to get up in the morning. And to cold to write essays. You just want to cuddle in bed with a book all day.

I made finished this top about two months ago, before the winter blues set in, but only just got around to taking pictures. It's the first time its come out of my wardrobe since I finished it, not because I don't like it but because it's just not warm enough to wear it . . .

This is the Colette Sorbetto top, which is a freebie on their website. I made some changes, partly because I got the sizing a bit off and partly because of the vertical stripe. So no box pleat, just deep bust darts.

The details
Fabric: Cotton lawn I won from Rebecca ages ago (which looking back I've just realised she suggested the winner make a Sorbetto with, so there you go), with plain blue pre-made bias binding

To be honest, the sizing is still a little small, despite taking the pleat out. I checked the printer settings/test box and all seemed fine, but it obviously wasn't. I'll be even more careful next time. I think there will be a next time, because it doesn't use a lot of fabric and is easy to put together. 

Keep warm where ever you are! 



  1. I think it is beautiful! Your winter sounds like our summer usually: for once we have unexpected heat and sunshine though for which I am truly greatful. The top will be perfect: it will be summer soon enough!

  2. I had to add so much length to the Sorbetto when I first made it, and I'm only 5'2! If you're looking for easy patterns that don't take a lot of fabric I can also recommend the Grainline Scout Woven Tee (I'll be putting up a post about it later today) and the Wiksten Tank.


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