Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cooking: Japanese Rice Balls

I love onigiri (japanese rice balls). When I was a uni student they were my favourite 'lunch on the go' treat. We had a weekend away last weekend in Queenstown, a gorgeous winter hub of activities, and while we were there I found a great sushi restaurant. It reminded me how much I love onigiri and inspired me to try them at home!

It was surprisingly easy! Even better, apart from sushi vinegar I already had all the ingredients at home. I used tuna, spring onion and avocado with a little mayo for the filling. Ideally I'd use capsicum/pepper as well, but they're not in season at the moment.

I used Just Hungry's great tutorial for easy shaping. I think they turned out pretty perfectly shaped, considering it was my first try! Next time I might have to try the traditional method and use my hands rather than plastic wrap.

Yum! They've been a great grab-and-go lunch this week.


  1. Cheers, great recipe I am going to try it out on the weekend.

  2. Om nom nom onigiri :) I love mine with teriyaki chicken, capsicum, carrot and a bit of avodado!


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