Thursday, October 24, 2013


So. . . the whole moving to the UK thing is resulting in a bit of a destash. There's only so much of everything that can come with me. Because of that, I have a couple of offers to make to you all.

For New Zealand bloggers: I have a pile of craft stuff that isn't coming with me, but isn't good enough to sell. Large fabric scraps, opened packets of beads with two beads used etc. For the cost of a $4 post bag (paid by NZ bank deposit) I will stuff the post bag as full with that kind of thing as I can get it and send it away to you. Anyone interested?

I also have a few cross stitch patterns I'm happy to get rid of. If any of these appeal to you, email me with an offer :-) UK bloggers, feel free to offer as well, we may be able to work something out. I'm sorry to everyone else! I don't use paypal and don't want to start, so I can only offer to countries where I can be paid by bank deposit. Anyways, the patterns:

  • February Glows (snappers series) from Bent Creek (includes snaps)
  • Happy Christmas (snappers series) from Bent Creek (no snaps)
  • La Fleur Button Box and Pin Keep, from Picadilly Paisley
  • Flowers of tomorrow, from Lizzie Kate
  • Buzz on Inn, from Lizzie Kate
  • Warm Hearts, from La-D-Da

I've also got a bunch of cross stitch magazines on TradeMe at the moment, for anyone that's interested. 

It's amazing how much 'stuff' one accumulates over time!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some BIG news!

This year hasn’t worked out well for me and blogging. .  . I think I’ve been ‘on hiatus’ for more of this year then I haven’t, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of this great idea someone had for me to work full time and study part time :-P All in all, it’s been rather quiet around here. Lately it’s been a bit quieter than usual . . . but I have a good reason! I promise! There have been some big things going on in the lives of husband and I . . . which are resulting in a move. We’re going from here. . . . to here.

By this time next month I’ll be jetting off to the UK on a permanent basis. The land of craft magazines, shows, classes, cheap books and cheap flights to Europe (you don’t know how lucky you are). At the moment my house looks a little like a bomb has hit it, with piles of ‘keeping’ and ‘not keeping’ all over the floor. I’m still crafting a little when there’s time, but at the moment that’s not something I have a lot of. 

Hopefully I’ll be around the blog a little more now. I feel like I need to document the journey somehow! It’s a big change for a girl who’s lived almost her whole life within an hour of where she was born. 

So check back soon for some new adventures, both crafty and not! And if you’re a New Zealand crafty blogger, I’m in the midst of a massive destash for the move. . .  more details coming on that soon :-P 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Can you find me a pattern?


I'm trying to find a cross stitch pattern for a christmas ornament or decoration, that is 'christmasy' but also has something to do with travel. So far I'm not having much luck!! Can anyone point me towards anything?