Monday, November 4, 2013

Finally Framed!!!

I finished the cross stitch that's in my header almost two years ago now!! The night before the husband and I got married, as it happens. Since then. . . it has sat safely in my mothers linen cupboard. Fortunately, she is more proactive than I am. She recently sent the iris I had stitched for her away to be framed and sent mine away at the same time.

I knew from the moment I finished that I wanted a 6 or 8 sided frame for this piece. My mother-in-law has one from the same series in an octagon frame on her wall that I've long admired. It was my framers first attempt at a hexagon frame, but I love how it's turned out!

It's come back to me just in time. . .  to be carefully bubble wrapped and packed into a sea freight box. I'm looking forward to hanging it on my wall in the UK, when I have one (it means that this piece will have travelled to the UK from NZ not once, but twice!).

Iris is also now beautifully framed, but I forgot to take a photo over the weekend when I was at my parents. . . hopefully next weekend!



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