Monday, November 18, 2013

The Big Move Update #1

Due to popular demand, I'll be using the blog over the next few weeks to update on the big NZ to UK move! A pictureless post today, mainly because I can't be bothered digging out the camera . .  and there is not much to take pictures of, giving that we're living out of two suitcases.

We gave up our flat last week and are staying with my parents until we fly out in less than a weeks time! Everything at this end is all but tidied up now. Just a few bills to pay and our cars haven't yet sold. I need to get on to some Christmas shopping this week, which to be honest I don't really want to think about, but feel like I need too :-) Our freight boxes have been picked up, along with the couple of items of furniture that are coming with us. All going to plan we should see them again mid-February.

Things that have struck me this week:
  • I will truly miss not having a summer. Hoping to spend as much time outside this week as possible!
  • I'm looking forward to all the possibilities for things to see and do in the UK. Hubby and I have already been looking into a National Trust membership. Any of you UK bloggers have one? is it worth it? 
  • I've put my name into the NZ ballot of attendance passes for the 2015 Gallipoli landings service, which would be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience that I couldn't ever consider from NZ. 
  • I already miss my library job :-( 
A little cross stitching going on this week as I try to make the most of my 'holiday' before hitting the UK. There may be a photo later in the week, time restraints allowing!



  1. if you have a car and don't mind travelling then the NT is a good thing. Depending upon which county you live in we can let you know where to visit, where to go and where to avoid. Like most countries there are good bits and not so good bits...shout out. I lived in over 40 parts of the UK ..yes, I have moved over 40 times lol xxxxxx

  2. you're heading this way next week, and i'm heading back home next week - given i know the weather forecast, i've got the better deal, hehe!!. make sure you have some proper woollies, they are very expensive here and not easy to find. it will be magical however - the christmas lights and displays are up and more attractions are set to open next week and the week after. bring your own Milo if you like it - the stuff here in the supermarket is horrid!. i always had mine sent from home!.
    going to Gallipoli would be amazing, its one of my regrets - i only ever got as far as the service in Westminster Abbey one year. enjoy your last week at home

  3. Enjoy your last week at home, but look forward to a brand new chapter. NT membership is worth it, but only if you have a car to travel round the country. Being Midlands based will open up a large number of areas for you to investigate. We are in Colchester, Essex, in East Anglia, and there's lots to see and do around this area which are not NT, so it will probably be worth looking round for a while at those sites which are not NT before you decide to spend.There are also English Heritage memberships available, those are for different properties, so it's worth investigating when you get here.
    Hope you get the Christmas shopping sorted - be a shame to have to post them home again!

  4. What an exciting time for you! I'll be looking forward to "moving" right along with you.

  5. Best of luck with the move! It sounds like you're very organised :) My parents had a National Trust membership when we were younger, and we certainly got some good use out of it. But you'd be surprised how many events and places are free of charge :) It's worth looking into it a bit more when you get here.
    Best wishes.


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