Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Bunny

Excuse me for not being able to think of a more creative post title. .I've been down with a stomach bug and my creative thinking brain isn't quite back up to scratch yet! Remember when I said that I only had my cross stitch WIP in the UK with me? Well I'd forgotten that in the bottom compartment of my stitching box was a pack of crochet hooks. Which came in handy when my sister-in-law came to stay last week and asked me to teach her how to crochet.

It was a bit nerve wracking for me, as I'd never taught someone before, but fortunately she took to it very quickly, which left me needing something to do with my hands and the practice yarn while keeping an eye on her progress . . .

Sometimes it's so nice to make something with no real purpose in mind! Toys are something I have to convince myself into, as I don't have any children to play with them/give them too. But this bunny was a simple enough pattern to keep my hands busy while not concentrating to hard, though at the same time it taught me a few new skills!

The pattern is Spring Bunny, by Stephanie Lau. I used just over one ball of Puppets Lyric 100% cotton yarn in ecru, as well as a scrap of green yarn borrowed from sister in law, some felt scraps and embroidery thread (bunny is stuffed with cotton wool). I think the face would have looked better with safety eyes, but my local hobbycraft didn't stock the right size. The limb connections are also less than perfect, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased!

Now to get back to the WIP cross stitch . . .


  1. What a cutie! I hope you're feeling much better now Sarah :)
    Best wishes.

  2. Very sweet! I love the flower by her ear!

  3. that bunny is so cute, I pinned it years ago and have never got round to making it!


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