Monday, February 17, 2014

Currently Monday #1

In an effort to get my but into gear and blog more regularly this year, I thought I'd try out something new. So this is (hopefully) the first of many Currently Monday's where I just do I quick round up of what's going on each week for me.

Re-ironing many many bits of quilt that got squished in transit

Time and Place // 12.25pm, stretched out on the bed with laptop!

Eating and Drinking // Leftover quiche + orange juice

Reading // Since it's 2014 and all I've embarked on a small project to get some WWI related reads in this year, so I've just started Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914, by Max Hastings. Also working my way through the Graceling Realm trilogy, by Kristin Cashore. Really enjoying the unique concept (a world where some people are 'graced' with extreme ability in a single human trait or idea eg: swimming, fearlessness)

Watching // The winter Olympics! The UK has really good TV coverage, though it's (understandably) completely biased towards their athletes, so I'm kinda missing seeing the Kiwis.

Listening // I've just discovered the trio London Grammar. Their singer has such a haunting voice!

Making //My quilt and cross stitch in progress have both been getting a bit of love this week. I've also been relishing having an oven that actually bakes properly again, celebrating with banana bread + dark chocolate and date cookies.

Blogging // This week I shared my feelings on having our NZ stuff back with us (yay!). Over on my book blog I announced the results of the quarterly Classics Club spin and shared some thoughts on the little known classic Daddy-Long-Legs.

Hating // Applying for jobs. Writing cover letters is the worst!

Loving // The Bible study I'm doing on the Women of Christmas (Elizabeth, Mary, Anna). So comforting and uplifting.

Anticipating // An IKEA trip for crafty storage stuff (plus half a dozen other useful IKEA things)

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  1. Great post, do share your IKEA stash soon, I love that shop :)
    Best wishes.


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