Monday, February 24, 2014

Currently Monday #2

Finally have this piece hanging on our wall, only two years since I stitched it!

Time and Place // 2.28 pm, stretched out on the bed with laptop (I can see this may become a habit)

Eating and Drinking // Peanut butter on toast, because that's how I roll :-D

Reading // Still plowing through Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914, by Max Hastings. Feeling in the mood for something fluffy and light though, so watch this space.

Watching // Catching up on missed Christmas specials of Jonathan Creek in preparation for the new series starting this week (Decent TV - one of the benefits of living in the UK)

Listening // to the hum of the washing machine. Which is rather boring, but at least I know I'm on top of the washing

Making // Cross stitch and quilt continue to feel the love, but I also made myself a new pincushion (photos coming).

Blogging // This week I shared an update on my cross stitch WIP, John Clayton's Tuscany. On the book blog I reviewed The Virgin and the Whale, by Carl Nixon and asked for recommendations for WWI related reading.

Hating // Muscle pain from stepping up my exercise regieme this week. I know it's worth it in the end, but jelly legs are not fun!

Loving // Having my craft supplies in nice transparent plastic boxes from IKEA that stack nicely into the wardrobe, rather than literally all over the spare room floor.

Anticipating // A weekend away to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday :-) There's nothing better than hopping into the car on a Friday afternoon for a weekend trip.

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  1. Peanut butter on toast, a girl after my own heart! Your stitched piece looks great on the wall, now you can treasure it every day :)
    Best wishes.


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