Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feels like Home

Our boxes from New Zealand made it to the UK last week. Which means I've been reunited with my craft stash! Currently it's spread out literally all over the spare bedroom floor, because I have nothing to put it in. Need to get some plastic boxes or some such. Do any of you UK crafters have any recommendations? I've been looking at Argos etc, but everything seems either to small/flimsy or EXPENSIVE. . . . .  so at the moment in piles on the floor it remains (it's a floor storage system. . . only Kiwi's of a certain age will get that joke).

The only casualty of the shift was my pincushion/pins. The pins rusted in the humidity of crossing the equator, leaving lovely rust stains all over my pincushion. I'm not to upset. . . it's a nice test of how my sewing machine has fared, making a new one. And I'm grateful that everything I WAS worried about came through absolutely fine. .  the vases, the framed paintings and embroidery. Yay! It feels so much more like home to be surrounded by our things again. Plus I can do some craft other than cross stitch (not that I'm complaining about cross stitch, but sometimes ones fingers itch to do something else).

Just so this isn't a photoless post, here's the view from our lounge window earlier this week. The weather has been absolutely atrocious here in the UK and hubby and I feel blessed that we have escaped the major flooding that has been going on further south. In the meantime, it's a good thing I love rain, and the snow spiced things up a bit!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with an update on 'Tuscany' . . . there's been lots of progress, I just keep forgetting to take a photo when it's out of the snaps.



  1. Plastic storage boxes are bloody expensive over here. I'd recommend trying IKEA if you have on, or The Range if you have one of those. The Range also has an on line shop.

  2. Welcome to England!!

    QD are brilliant for storage boxes, I got my SIL three for £10 at Christmas. And if you haven't been to Wilkinsons yet then I strongly recommend a visit. Their picture frames are great as is most of their homeware dept.

    I avoid Hobbycraft warehouse places because they were the major cause of my favourite LNS closing down.

  3. I have to agree with Wendy and Jo...Ikea and Wilkinson's for cheap sturdy boxes. You need a mortgage to buy storage at Hobbycraft or anywhere like that!

  4. I too would recommend Wilkinsons. They have loads of boxes intended for food storage that could be ideal for your craft supplies. Glad to see you're settling in :)
    Best wishes.


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