Thursday, February 27, 2014


I mentioned not long ago that the trip to the UK had caused the demise of my pincushion. Needless to say the first project upon the return of my sewing machine was making myself a new one.

I'm not one for super-fancy pincushions. I want one, simple pincushion that holds my pins. So no complicated shapes here! I made this one a little smaller than my last one (which was the first thing I ever made on my own sewing machine, almost 4 years ago) and fancied it up with some very simple patchwork - my last one was literally just a fabric square.

The fabric is leftover charms from my quilt, the buttons salvaged from the retired pincushion! So an almost completely from stash project. I did have to buy some stuffing (or rather a cushion from IKEA which I cut open rather ruthlessly).

It's already seeing good use. Yay for practical projects!



  1. These are practical and wonderful! I love the ones I have made too! Yours is cute as a button!

  2. I really like your the colours! Very 'springy and smiley'. Perfect.


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