Thursday, March 6, 2014

A needlebook and the feeling of improvement

Last week was my sister-in-law's birthday, so we headed down to Wales to celebrate with her. She'd already had a joint birthday/christmas present from us, but I thought I'd make her something small as an extra surprise.

I have a folder of completed cross stitch that just hasn't found the right home yet, so I raided that and my fabric stash to put together a needle book.

What struck me while I was making it was just how much me sewing has improved since I made my own needle book, way back in 2011. I love my needle book, but it's lumpy and uneven looking, I had to follow a tutorial very closely and wasn't at all confident with the steps.

Although my sewing is by no means perfect, I can see and feel the improvement from two years ago. My knowledge of item construction is good enough now that I didn't follow any tutorial. My machine sewing is more even and my hand sewing is almost invisible (I asked husband to try and find the turning hole and he couldn't). I feel confident with the processes and with my own ability. My reaction to a mistake is slowly becoming 'I can fix this,' rather than '$**#@% stupid sewing machine, now what do I do!'

I know I still have much to learn (I've been watching the latest series of The Great British Sewing Bee and have been wowed by the creativity and brilliant sewing, while simultaneously being confused as to how one can be such an accomplished sewist and not know what piping is). . . . . but it's nice to have the added confidence from small accomplishments. And it's quite fun looking at the early days of this blog and seeing how far I've come (my photography also seems to have improved, which I'm grateful for).

Have any of you had a moment when you suddenly realise how much you've improved?



  1. I've been watching Sewing Bee too, it's such an inspiring and entertaining programme. Congrats for moving ahead with your sewing skills, the needlebook is lovely :)
    Best wishes.

  2. I love this new needlebook. Very nicely done!

  3. Gorgeous needlebook! Isn't it great when you can look back and see how far you've come? Sometimes I dig out my very first cross stitch finish and marvel at the untidy multi-directional stitches and think about what my stitching looks like now.

  4. I havent been watching it but it is amazing how we all grow and are inspired especially by others in blog land. Before I started blogging I had the fear of the divil when it came to sewing (Irish phrase)....five years on and I now have three sewing machines lol


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