Monday, March 10, 2014

Currently Monday #4

Who doesn't love a pristine hard copy?

Time and Place // 3.39pm. Sitting on my bed, as always! (I should say that I'm not lazy and stay in bed all day, my laptop just lives beside the bed - so blogging = bed)

Eating and Drinking // A digestive biscuit and a cup of tea. Afternoon tea time!

Reading // I just finished Cress, the newly released third book in the BRILLIANT Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. Seriously, if you haven't heard of these you should look them up. A retelling of classic fairytales set far in the future - the first in the series is Cinder, which retells Cinderella. Just started Terms & Conditions, by Robert Glancy (courtesy of Bloomsbury/Goodreads First Reads).

Watching // Hubby and I started watching The Musketeers when it started, as we both have a liking of the source material. I'm finding it's getting better and better as the series goes on. Have any of my fellow UK bloggers been watching it?

Listening // I've just discovered KatyB, who I'd literally never heard of before I moved to the UK. Funny how some music travels more than others!

Making // It was a slow week for me, for a variety of reasons. Hardly any making at all! I finished a quick stitch which I'll show you soon.

Blogging // Not much on either blogs this week! I showed off a quick needlebook finish.

Hating // Contractors across the street who think it's a great idea to use a tile cutter at 7.30 in the morning.

Loving // Domestic bliss. Hubby and I are feeling more settled in our home now and it's surprisingly nice to spend a sunny Sunday doing things like mowing the lawns and vacuuming out the car.

Anticipating // Grocery shopping this evening. I'm one of those weird people that genuinely enjoys grocery shopping.


  1. Yep, we've been watching musketeers too but are a bit behind. The BBC has also done Sinbad and one about ancient Greece - perfect Saturday night viewing

  2. Glad you are feeling more settled in after your big overseas move! I am feeling pretty excited that spring is (finally) coming for us Kiwis in the Northern Hemisphere! :o)

  3. You're not weird, I like grocery shopping too :) So pleased to read you've feeling more settled in your new home. I too am watching Musketeers, we find the English accents in Paris quite funny, but it's a very enjoyable show.
    Best wishes.


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