Monday, March 31, 2014

Currently Monday #7

Study area in the gorgeous new Library of Birmingham, which I got to visit this week

Time and Place // 2.17pm. On my bed (what a surprise)

Eating and Drinking // Just had lunch! I'm a grazer, so to keep up my own interest in eating lunch at all I tend to have an assortment of stuff rather than just one thing. Today it was 3 cherry tomatoes, a stick of celery, some cheese, a clementine and a couple of oat cakes.

Reading // Once again you've caught me between books. I'm debating whether to start Railsea, by China Mieville or The Enormous Room, by E.E. Cummings. Anyone want to weigh in with a vote?

Watching // The final of The Musketeers was last night :-( At least it's already been commissioned for a second series!

Listening // Our cat chirping away to herself . . . we're discovering that she's quite the talker!

Making // This week I started and finished a quick stitch, which I can't show on the blog quite yet because the person it's for has been known to check the blog occassionally. I also started another spring design, which I'll hopefully have finished in time for Easter!

Blogging // Here I rounded up my haul from the NEC Hobbycraft show and made my first recipe for The Cookbook Challenge. On my book blog I made a bookish bucket list, reviewed The Crimson Ribbon and asked how you deal with long books.

Hating // When my distance university's website goes down when I'm trying to study!!

Loving // The increasingly sunny days! It's nice not to need a coat quite as often and (strange as it may seem) do jobs like washing windows in my own time rather than in any hectic break in the weather

Anticipating // Going to Miranda on tour this weekend. We booked our tickets months ago, so it's nice that it has finally rolled around.


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  1. I love reading your Currently Monday posts Sarah, they're great for someone as nosy as me! I hope you have a fab time at the Miranda show, very jealous :)
    Best wishes.


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