Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEC Hobbycraft Haul!

On Sunday I got to spend a few hours at the NEC Birmingham Hobbycraft/Sewing for Pleasure show. I knew of it, but hadn't really been thinking of going (we already had a really busy weekend planned) until I won free tickets from a Cross Stitch Collection magazine draw on Facebook. Needless to say, I wasn't going to let free tickets go to waste!!! 

It was a really enjoyable and new experience for me. I'd been to a similar themed show in NZ once, the biggest in Australasia - the NEC show would have been over 10 times the size!! It was great fun to be surrounded by so many like-minded people and take in all the shops etc. I didn't find the Hobbycraft portion of the show that good, it was predominantly paper-crafting, but it was definitely worth attending for the Sewing for Pleasure side. There were lots of lovely fabric stalls, embroidery stalls and free workshops. I had prepared a list of things I was on the look out for and stuck to it (for the most part), but bought home a little haul of new stash. 

  1.  A fat quarter of fabric for an Easter project I have planned
  2. Some bicycle ribbon trim which I just couldn't resist
  3. A skein of DMC metallics for another upcoming project
  4. The 'Tis the Season' stitchery project book, from The Birdhouse. I'd been promised this as a birthday present, but hadn't gotten around to ordering it online, so saved myself some postage!
  5. Some perle thread for getting started on the stitcheries
  6. Two small Lizzie Kate patterns, Snowman '10 (which I've been wanting to stitch for literally years) and one of the 6 fat men series, which I'm collecting slowly so I can do all 6 together. Like the ribbon, these weren't on the list, but they were such a good price that I couldn't leave them there. 
I also did one small workshop and tried Decoupage for the first time. I would have loved to have done more of the workshops, as there were some lovely ones there, but we'd had a really hectic weekend and I just didn't have the energy. Next time I'll hopefully be better prepared and know what to expect!
I covered this little star. It will make quite a sweet Christmas ornament once I've put some string on it! I certainly wasn't the best on the table and I don't think I'll be taking Decoupage up often, but it was great fun to have a go!

The show was a lovely new experience, I'll be looking forward to the next one.



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