Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Stitching

A week or two ago I had one of those weeks where I just needed something simple to do, calm the mind! Stitching is very therapeutic, but my brain didn't feel like it could cope with colour changes, half stitching or anything more complex than a few crosses really! So I went in search of a simple, one colour pattern I could spend an hour or two on. I chose a cute Easter bunny pattern from Alexandrina at Matrioshka Biscornu and spent a couple of hours happily stitching away on a scrap of some misc. fabric (don't ask me what count because I have no idea. I found it wrapped up inside some heat-proof interfacing while we were moving).

This week I finished it into a cute hanging ornament to celebrate Spring.

I think it turned out beautifully and was a joy to stitch and make up. It was just what my tired brain needed in fact! It's nice to have a spring decoration in the house too. . . . it has even inspired me to go on a hunt for some more simple spring themed patterns, so maybe watch this space.



  1. That is adorable, perfect for spring!

  2. Very sweet. Well done on a great finish.

  3. it's so sweet. Is it a free chart? The link is just to the blog, not the pattern and I can't find it...

  4. Great finish, I love the colour you chose to stitch with :)

  5. That is sooo cute. Love the colours you used; very restful.


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