Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back to work + Stitchery

I'm going back into full time work tomorrow. The last two weeks have been a blur of study, paperwork, taking delivery of furniture while there was still someone at home during the day and work-wardrobe shopping. There hasn't been much time for craft! (or anything, I feel like I should apologise for my husband for the drastic reduction in meal quality over the past fortnight). 

I'm looking forward to going back to work really. I'm looking forward to having some routine in our lives again after 6 months of ippity-uppity. I genuinely enjoy working and being part of a team, so am looking forward to that. And I'm looking forward to the new challenges this job will bring! 

There is a part of me that is kind of sad this chapter is over. Moving country was a big step and has bought us new challenges and new places to explore - its been refreshing for me and 6 months in I feel like it was the right move. But going back to work means the 'exciting' part of actually moving is over and I hope that going into real life won't bring me back down to the ground with a bump. 

I've been trying another new thing this week when I can grab a moment - hand stitchery. This is a pattern by The Birdhouse that will eventually be a twelve panel wall hanging. I'm enjoying the process, the portability and the rush of trying something new - I think this first block turned out fairly well. There was more fabric distortion than I was expecting (though it mostly came out with ironing) and I'm not 100% happy with the satin stitched berries (though more happy once I'd outlined them, following a tip from sublime stitching). But for a first attempt I'm really more than a little pleased. Let's hope the new job turns out the same way ;-D

So on the whole, yay for new things! Whether they be big or small.



  1. Good luck with your new job. Hope it all goes well for you x

  2. Good luck for your new job..
    Sweet stitches..
    Hugs x

  3. Good luck with the new job!


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