Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Cookbook Challenge: The Hairy Biker's Great Curries

During my unexpected disappearance from the blogging world I did actually make some in-roads on my Cookbook Challenge and made use of a couple of cookbooks I hadn't in a while. But I didn't take pictures. So in the spirit of documenting the challenge in its entirety (and recognising that a few extra cookbook uses won't hurt me or those that eat my cooking), they won't count.

But I'm back today with one that does! I received the Hairy Biker's Great Curries from dear husband for Christmas, and spent many hours lovingly looking through it, while using it precisely zero times. It's a beautiful book to flick through. Lots of full colour/page photos of great looking curries, and the Hairy Bikers have a lovely way of describing food.

I tried my hand at the Chicken Balti. This is my first attempt ever at cooking curry completely from scratch. How'd it go? Fairly well! It got a big two thumbs up from the husband and a one and a half thumbs up from me (I think those of you who cook regularly will know the feeling of knowing the many things you could improve next time when you try a new recipe). I love meals that use lots of fresh vegetables without feeling like you're just 'eating soggy vegetables' and it definately succeeded on that count.

The husband was very keen to add this one to my normal rotation. I'm not so sure, because even though it was a success the prep time was far longer than I find ideal. I'll be trying it again to see if I can streamline though, and trying a few more recipes from this book for sure! 



  1. I always cook curries from scratch, having a very multicultural family lol: they do get quicker and there are short cuts you can take without losing flavour or losing points from the 'home cooked' theme. After all, a lot of Asian families have large families and they just dont have time to faff about! You can grind spices in bulk, and store them in a mix or a 'massala' or buy them already powdered if it makes it quicker. A balti shouldnt really take long. Well done for giving it a go!

  2. It looks delicious! I find cooking is all about experimenting to see what works for you, enjoy it :)
    Best wishes.

  3. Why not batch cook it and throw it in the freezer? The it's just a case of defrosting and reheating it? I do like the Hairy Bikers though, they have some lovely recipes. x


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