Monday, September 8, 2014

Currently Monday #11

The view out over Loch Ness. . . no monster to be seen though

I haven't disappeared again! I've just been enjoying some time off from life in general while my parents were in the country. For the last 10 days we've been eating to much, drinking to much and seeing as much of Scotland as possible. They've now headed off for the next stage of their trip (to the States to visit other relatives) and I'm being faced with the new reality of for the first time in my life not knowing when I'm going to see my family again. The pitfalls of being a Kiwi girl in the UK. . .

Time and Place // 9.37pm, tucked up in bed!
Eating and Drinking //
A mug of tea, just because.

Reading //
Just started Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey, by the Countess of Carnavon. Just finished The Girl that Saved the King of Sweden, by Jonas Jonasson

Watching // I'm planning on using this week (I'm home alone) to catch up on Emma Approved, which I never got back to after the last hiatus

Listening // After overhearing one of their songs in a shop last week, I've spent the last few evenings listening to Lady Antebellum. Love!

Making //
So, remember how I said that I loved doing my last project and would do the same pattern again? I'm putting my money where my mouth is, because the original GOT LOST IN THE POST. The Royal Mail has never failed me before, what a time to start!

Hating // Having to plow through the emails that had built up in my work inbox over the last week!

Loving // Having a cat to keep me company when I'm 'home alone'

Anticipating // The dear husband returning from a business trip on Thursday. I get him home for one night before he's off again!




  1. Glad you had a good time exploring Scotland, gorgeous photo! A x

  2. Nice to catch up on your happenings. Glad you had a lovely time in Scotland - I fell in love with the place when we visited in 2009. I know that reality all too well of wondering when you will next see your family - it's hard! Thank goodness for modern technology that keeps people close despite the distance in between!

  3. So pleased you got to spend some precious time with your family and glad you've got a furry friend to keep you company whilst your hubby is away. I'm grateful for modern technology too, I don't know what I'd do without the internet now!
    Best wishes.


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