Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting things finished. . . .

It's amazing how craft goes out the window for me when life gets busy. It's always the first ball I drop, which is a shame, because it's certainly good stress relief! (something to work on). And although this year has been a genuinely GREAT one, it has been a busy and stressful one, full of uncertainty. There's been little craft.

BUT there are three projects I am determined to finish by Christmas. Achievable projects. I'm going to finish the 'Tis The Season' wall hanging I've been working on all year. I'm going to finish last years' annual Christmas ornament, which has also been in progress all year. And I'm going to start and finish this years' Christmas ornament. Three projects, three months. Here's hoping. . . 

First on the list is wall hanging. I'm getting there folks! Stitcheries are finished, blocks are sewn. Time for laying out and putting it all together.

(I love these blocks. And yes, the directional red print is not directional. Do I care? Not one bit.)



  1. I love your quilt blocks, can't wait to see them all together! A x

  2. Gorgeous blocks..cant wait to see them all finished.

  3. Craft is definitely a great stress relief, I hope you can find time to enjoy your hobbies soon :) Your wall hangings are adorable!
    Best wishes.


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