Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas Project #2

My second Christmas project was our annual ornament from 2013! It was started to late to get it finished in time for Christmas that year, and with all the turmoil that moving country brings was still a fair way off by the second half of 2014. But by Christmas it was hanging proudly on the tree.

You've seen this one in progress here. I picked it for our annual ornament the year we moved to the UK because it sort of has an air of travel around it (with the postmark and all) and the move was certainly a leap of faith!

I think it is the dear husband's favourite in our annual ornament series so far, and I have to admit the finished product looks pretty special (it is backed simply with red felt). For me though, it will always make me think of the grief it gave me. It had one of the most unnecessarily complicated pattern symbologies I've ever come across, and the fabric and thread in kit were bad enough to make me feel like giving up plenty of times.

It was worth sticking with it in the end though. . .

The Info
Dimensions Gold Collection "Faith" Ornament (kit)
Fabric and threads as kitted
Finished according to kit instructions

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