Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sewing: Kindle Cover

Just after Christmas my three year old Kindle gave up the ghost. I turned it on one day and there was a large white blot across the screen that just wasn't going to go away (the technologically minded husband confirmed it).

My Kindle has become probably my most beloved piece of electronic equipment and it quickly became clear that I couldn't live without one for long. Enter Kindle 2.0.

The cover I made three years ago had been starting to look more than a little tatty, so Kindle 2.0 also called for Kindle cover 2.0

Cover 2.0 is a little more sophisticated than version one, reflecting my increase in confidence and sewing skills over the last three years. Fewer raw edges, tidier top stitching (though I admit sewing through the six+ layers of fabric and catching them all hasn't got any easier with time, even with the addition of a walking foot).

Look at those lovely corners! The fabric is some gorgeous Amy Butler I had stashed away, Josephine's Bouquet Ink from the Cameo collection. In fact this entire project came from stash, apart from 40p of elastic.

Some brilliant guidance came from this tutorial, which I made a few (minor) adjustments to. Right, next on the agenda is a bag to keep our new Sat Nav in!


  1. That is so beautiful! you can really tell how skilled you have become since the first one. :)


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